Before & After with iModel

Did you receive a card from an I Model Management scout or booking agent?

If so... then that means you may have the potential to work as either a fashion or lifestyle model with our agency! The next step would be for you to contact the agency and discuss setting up an appointment to come in and meet with one of us. From that meeting we can decide if you have the right proportions and criteria to work for any of our many clients either within Canada or overseas. We have 2 very diverse boards, and the clients for lifestyle board and mainboard want very different things.

Were you thinking of sending in your photos for us to review?

DO IT! You never know what it is we are looking for, and our business is ever changing and are clients are always looking for something new. You have nothing to lose, and in the worst case scenario all we can say is that you are not quite right for the clients we currently have. But, you won't know until you try right? Our guidelines for sending in photos or snapshots are easy to follow and are on our FAQ page, so please check them out and email us at

Info Pak

If you have arranged your initial interview at the agency, and would like more information about our company and what we do, please download and print our extensive info pak. iModel Info PakIf you are just seeking further information about I Model Management and thinking about applying as a model please visit our faq page and you will find info geared to your needs, as well as instructions for submitting photos or making an appointment.